What is FlickDupFinder 2?

Ever got your photos uploaded twice on Flickr ? Wondering if you got photos more than once on your Flickr account ?

FlickrDupFinder let you easily find duplicate photos on your Flickr account.

How it works:
1) Login and authorize us (we just need write permissions to tag the duplicates)
2) Enter duplicate tag (defaults to 'duplicate', clever I know)
3) Click on "Find duplicate"
4) Wait while We will fetch your photos, analyze them, and show you a list of duplicate candidates.

FlickDupFinder 2 is an online tool, so nothing to download or install. Just use FlickrDupFinder right away.

To start, please login with Flickr by clicking the button below :

Login with Flickr

This site is based off a project Christophe Maillot. The original source is available on github, here.

You can view my git version here: here.

logged in

You're logged in as anonymous. You can now click on "find duplicates" to start finding duplicates photos.

Tag duplicates with:

Find duplicates

Not duplicates found !

Auto Select:
- For each set of duplicates
-- Last item in set will not be duplicate
-- If no sets list item will not be duplicate
Auto Select
How to delete duplicates:
- Open Flickr Organizer by clicking here
- Type your custom duplicate tag in search field
- select 'More Options'
- select 'Tags Only'
- click 'Select All'
- Drag to batch edit area
- Select 'Edit Photos'
- Select 'Delete'
- Confirm

Logging in ...
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Please wait wile we take a look at your photos.

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